Personal KinetiGraph™

The Personal KinetiGraph™ (PKG™) movement recording is a tool that Doctors can use as part of their treatment and management program for Patients with movement disorders.

The PKG™ Data Logger is a wrist worn medical device that looks like a wristwatch. The Doctor organises for the Patient to wear the device for 6 to 10 days. During this time the PKG™ Data Logger automatically collects data on the type of movement experienced by the Patient. The PKG™ Data Logger also reminds the Patient to register when they have taken their levodopa medication as prescribed by their Doctor.

The information collected by the PKG™ Data Logger is used to create a report showing graphs of the patient's movement over the period it is worn for. The Doctor then refers to the report as part of their assessment of the impact of the disease on the movement of the Patient. This assessment may lead the Doctor to prescribe a change in medication amount or frequency, or recommend a new therapy.